Barbecue recipes, websites and other sources of information are full of words and phrases which make little or no sense to most readers.  One of the reasons we set up this site is to provide a source of information about BBQ cooking without jargon, without difficult terminology, and without using American English!  So, if you’re wondering what that word means… see if you can find it in our A to Z of BBQ Cooking… (and if a word isn’t listed, contact us and we will add it!)

This A to Z will remain a constant work in progress… we will be adding more and more… suggestions would be appreciated!

K is for… Kamado Grill

A Kamado grill is combination grill, oven and smoker, based on the design of traditional Japanese ceramic ovens used to cook food with charcoal or wood.  These days a Kamado style grill is a modern alternative to a metal kettle BBQ.  Popular brands in the UK include:
  • The Big Green Egg
  • Kamado Joe
  • Quinta Kamado
The extra thick ceramic insulation in kamado grills means that less fuel is needed to maintain consistent temperatures.  This means it is even possible to grill in the UK rain or winter!  These grills use lump hardwood charcoal only, which burns at a higher temperature and has very little ash.  These grills also maintain moisture well which helps to prevent meat from drying out.  There are lots of benefits of kamado grill cooking over traditional kettle BBQs… and they also look great!