Let’s face it, simply buying a BBQ and some charcoal is not going to be enough to grill properly.  Crucial (but simple) steps in BBQing include getting the fire lit, checking the temperature of the grill, staying safe and ensuring the meat does not dry out.  We cannot recommend enough investing in these essential tools and gadgets.

These are the best BBQ tools that can be bought for a reasonable price and, crucially, each of these will make your life easier, and your cooking better.

Crucially – all of the items on this list have been used and tested by us, and all of them are great value options, which are not at the higher price end of the market, but provide excellent performance and do the job perfectly.  These get our full recommendation!


1. Electric Charcoal Starter – Buy it on Amazon.co.uk

Electric Charcoal Starter

The biggest hassle of BBQ and Kamado cooking is getting the fire started in the first place.  This is especially the case if trying to start the fire during a UK winter, or during rain!  One of the very best tools we have is our electric charcoal starter.  Simply plug it in, pile some lump charcoal on top, and around ten minutes later the charcoal will be lit and the BBQ will be ready to go.

This is a relatively inexpensive BBQ tool/gadget, but much cheaper than a lifetime of firelighters, rolled up newspaper and matches… in our opinion, this is a must buy.  The model we have is the Fieldmann Marquee 9001-E Barbecue Lighter and it’s never let us down.


2. Wireless BBQ Thermometer – Buy it on Amazon.co.uk

Wireless BBQ Thermometer

Every BBQ recipe requires the chef to get the BBQ lit to a particular temperature.  If the temperature is too low, the meat doesn’t cook… if the temperature is high, the meat dries out, so getting the temperature right (or close to it) is crucial.  When using some BBQs this requires impossible guesswork.  Other BBQs have a thermometer built into the lid, but these are notoriously unreliable, do not give a reading of the grill and meat temperatures (as they are usually based in the lid), and… worst of all… require the chef to keep going outside to check them every ten minutes.

This wireless BBQ thermometer takes all the hassle out of measuring the BBQ temperature.  The transmitter sits outside the BBQ (you can clip it on the side of your BBQ), with one prong clipping onto the grill grate, and another (optionally) for measuring the temperature of your meat.  The receiver can sit indoors with you and update you on the temperatures – you can even set an alarm to go off if the temperature goes too high or low.  For Brits who prefer using Celsius to Fahrenheit, a button on the back gives you the option of switching between each.  We have this Ivation Long Range Wireless Thermometer Set and it has saved our grilling on a number of occasions!